NIMS® OJT Trainer Workshop

Improve Your Company’s Training to Accelerate Learning, Improve Retention

NIMS® OJT Trainer Workshop

Improve Your Company’s Training to Accelerate Learning, Improve Retention

NIMS® OJT Trainer Workshop

Do the individuals who are training your newer employees have the soft skills needed to communicate the information effectively?

The answer is often “no” because companies pick individuals to train others based on their technical knowledge – not their communication skills.

The NIMS® OJT Trainer Workshop can help your trainers take their skills to the next level. Designed for companies of all sizes, the workshop will teach your trainers:

A methodology for structturing traning

Communication best practices

A coaching continuum to help diverse adult learners advance their skills


The Workshop is an efficient six-session course spread over weeks, designed to fit into busy schedules, that is ideal for new trainers and those with a few years of experience. The Workshop combines three inter-related elements:

Online Learning Modules

(60-90 minutes/week)

Activities participants complete independently each week

Virtual Group Coaching Sessions

(60 minutes/week)

Discussions led by a NIMS instructor: participants share experiences and ask questions

On-the-Job Practice


Practical: relevant assignments enabling trainees to apply the skills they are learning


By passing the evaluations at the end of the Workshop participants will earn an OJT Trainer certification. The certification process ensures that participants have demonstrated the skills presented in the Workshop.

This program is offered by The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association and is open to employees at manufacturing companies anywhere in Ohio.

Enrolling now for a cohort starting the week of Feb. 7

Cost: $1,495

About NIMS

NIMS, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is a nationally recognized validator of performance through practical experiences that reflect the manufacturing industry. NIMS provides industry-developed and validated standards, credentials and training frameworks that enable collaboration among educators, industry, policy makers and community-based organizations to increase the performance of our manufacturing workforce.


The Ohio Manufacturing Workforce Partnership (OMWP) is a collaboration of The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA) and Ohio TechNet (OTN). Established to address Ohio’s manufacturing workforce shortage, the OMWP works directly with a statewide network of manufacturing industry sector partnerships, and is focused on meeting local employment and skill needs.

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