Stop working a job.
Start building a career.

Today’s modern opportunities are anything but dull. And once you're in, there are many opportunities for growth.

Which path will you choose?

With few barriers to entry, there are lots of opportunities for growth and advancement in manufacturing. And once you’re inside, you can work to master a particular career path, or move from one path to the next as your skills and interests change. No matter what path you choose, getting started and getting paid is easier than ever.

These pathways represent only a few examples of the careers you might find. As a dynamic industry, manufacturing will continue to grow and evolve as new innovations emerge—creating new job types and functions.

Career pathways within each manufacturing company will differ, but the table below shows how someone like you might move from entry-level to more advanced careers by building your skills and qualifications over time.

Year after Year, Ohio manufacturing continues to lead all industry sectors in total state payroll.
Pathway Name
Sample Career Pathway Progression
Machinist Pathway
Machine Operator > Manual Machinist > CNC Machinist > CNC Machine Programmer > CAD/CAM Programmer
Production Pathway
Assembly Technician > Automation Technician > Production Technician > Front Line Supervisor > Production Manager
Electrical Engineering Pathway
CAD Drafter > Electrical Technician > Electrical & Electronics Engineer > Project Engineer > Engineering Manager
Logistics & Planning Pathway
Shipping/Receiving Clerk > Warehouse Technician > Materials Manager > Procurement Buyer > Supply Chain Logistics
Maintenance, Repair, and Installation Pathway
Maintenance Technician > Mechatronics Technician > Maintenance Supervisor
Quality Assurance Pathway
Assembly Technician > Production Technician > Quality Assurance Specialist > Director of Quality Assurance