Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers, and Weighers

Job Description:

Inspect, test, sort, sample, or weigh non-agricultural raw materials or processed, machined, fabricated, or assembled parts or products for defects, wear, and deviations from specifications. May use precision measuring instruments and complex test equipment.

Associated Tasks:

  • Inspect, test, or measure materials, products, installations, or work for conformance to specifications.
  • Measure dimensions of products to verify conformance to specifications, using measuring instruments such as rulers, calipers, gauges, or micrometers.
  • Read blueprints, data, manuals, or other materials to determine specifications, inspection and testing procedures, adjustment methods, certification processes, formulas, or measuring instruments required.
  • Record inspection or test data, such as weights, temperatures, grades, or moisture content, and quantities inspected or graded.
  • Mark items with details such as grade or acceptance-rejection status.
  • Notify supervisors or other personnel of production problems.
  • Discard or reject products, materials, or equipment not meeting specifications.
  • Collect or select samples for testing or for use as models.
  • Write test or inspection reports describing results, recommendations, or needed repairs.
  • Compare colors, shapes, textures, or grades of products or materials with color charts, templates, or samples to verify conformance to standards.


Salary & Education

Entry Level Earnings: $11.50 and up
Median Hourly Earnings: $18.50 and up
Experienced Earnings: $23.07
Typical Entry Level Education: High school diploma

Job Projections
2017 Jobs 31,373
2022 Jobs 31,852
Average Annual Openings: 3,940 per year
Average Monthly Hires (2017): 1,410
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WorkKeys Occupational Profile

Median Scores
Applied Mathematics: 3
Reading for Information: 4
Locating Information: 4
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Hard Skills

Quality Control           
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)       
Product Quality Assurance    
Product Quality Control

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