Make more than just a living wage

From 3-D printing to next-gen robotics, today’s manufacturers are pushing the envelope of what’s possible and building the future before our very eyes. More importantly, manufacturing jobs offer competitive pay, stable benefits, opportunities for regular pay increases, profit sharing and career advancement.

Job Categories:

Machining – Setup, operate, and monitor machines, including computer-controlled machines or robots, to work on metal or plastic work pieces.

Production & assembly – Fabricate parts and join them together to construct products like electronics, aircraft, automobiles, and household appliances.

Maintenance, repair & installation – Install machines and equipment and routinely inspect and maintain equipment, ensuring machines in the facility run smoothly.

Engineering – Research, develop and create parts or products; analyze manufacturing processes to discover and test where and how production can be made more efficient and reliable.

Logistics & planning – Manage the distribution processes within a single company or manage a supply chain, which encompasses all the companies manufacturing parts for the product, assembling it, delivering it, and/or selling it. Interact with other departments, including finance, sales and marketing, operations management, and with suppliers and customers.

Quality – Maintain the integrity of products or production processes through observation, evaluation and testing. Inspect components or final products before, during, and after manufacturing processes to ensure products are working as intended and safe to sell. Work with production staff to find problems and take corrective action.

Welding and fabrication – Join materials, including metals and thermoplastics, using heat and energy sources such as gas flame, electric arc, or laser. Build metal structures by bending, cutting, and assembling pieces.

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Traditional Industries Continue To Be Ohio's Manufacturing Job Producers

Manufacturing Industry Number of Jobs (2017) Number of Jobs (2016) Number of Jobs (2015)
Durable Goods
Transportation Equipment 124,500 125,300 122,600
Fabricated Metal Products 99,000 98,100 103,200
Machinery 77,800 76,900 79,000
Primary Metal 35,900 36,800 37,700
Nonmetallic Mineral Products 27,200 27,100 25,500
Electrical Equipment & Appliances 26,800 27,400 28,300
Electrical Equipment & Appliances 26,800 27,400 28,300
Computer & Electronic Products 20,300 20,500 21,100
Furniture & Related Products 16,100 15,500 14,900
NonDurable Goods
Food Manufacturing 60,700 60,000 58,400
Plastics & Rubber Products 57,400 56,700 56,000
Chemical Manufacturing 44,500 44,300 43,600
Printing & Related Support Activities 21,600 21,600 21,500
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