Partner application

To obtain access to the Making Ohio assets and artwork, you must complete a two-step process.

Please complete the application on this page. You may not use the Making Ohio brand without first completing the Image Asset Use Application (Action Plan).

STEP 1: Complete the Image Asset Use Application (Action Plan)

As part of the application, you must develop an Action Plan to promote the manufacturing industry in Ohio, recruit potential new employees to the industry or expose students to manufacturing careers. The application must detail your:

  • Collaboration among manufacturers and workforce partners.
  • Intended use of the Making Ohio assets, such as t-shirts, advertising, social media campaigns, etc.
  • Goals and objectives, including measurable outcomes and timeframes.
  • Process for capturing leads and following up with interested individuals.

STEP 2: Receive approval and instructions from OMA

After your plan is approved, we will provide you instructions for accessing artwork and files so you can implement your project. You will be required to:

  • Conform to the Making Ohio brand guidelines found in this How-To Guide.
  • Use an Ohio-based vendor to produce the Making Ohio materials, unless otherwise allowed by the OMA.
  • Submit data and information to here about your use of the Making Ohio image assets for the purpose of contributing to the continuous improvement of the Making Ohio brand assets and strategy.

All use of the Making Ohio assets is subject to approval of the OMA. If the OMA deems any partnership, business or organization to be in violation of the Making Ohio brand standards or finds use of the brand without prior permission, the OMA reserves the right to deny access to all Making Ohio materials.

Rights to use the Making Ohio assets are not transferable, so you may not share any of the creative assets with other organizations.